Benefits of overseas FX company

Will there be any appeal to overseas FX company? At one time, it seems it is very attention that was being FX trading, since it contains the leverage regulations not a few traders said was less trading in the domestic FX trader.

Instead, are increasingly those who look to overseas FX trader. Why bother whether to use the FX trader overseas, there are several reasons for it.


  1. With leverage is high, it is possible to earn larger for a small war chest
  2. Trading, there are many things that a bonus depending on the action, such as account payment
  3. Also available in Japanese, support can also be supported by Japanese


The most large, it is possible leverage is high, even in the ¥ 10,000 budget, I will be up to investment of 1000 times the 10 million yen. It will be overseas skilled in the art is that there is no leverage regulations. Now 3.3 times leverage in credit trading of equity investment limit, even if there is no war chest, I will focus on high overseas FX leveraged to earn a lot of money has been gathered.


In addition, attractive other than high leverage because there is overseas FX trader, let’s introduce some. First, is that it is possible to carry out the payment margin credit card. Shopping on the Internet can be credited easily in the same kind of feeling as to the, also it can be said that it is attractive also be reflected within one business day to trading account. At the same time as you click the payment button, because the company, which is also reflected in not a few, even less that it was said that payment of margin is delayed.


Then, there is a bonus grant. In FX company overseas there is a bonus that can be used as an effective margin. Although it is for example, there is a $ 25 bonus by opening an account, it is things like said that there is a 10% bonus each time you deposit in the account. When I was in the numbers, if you deposit $ 100 after opening an account, the month is $ 10 is 10% of $ 100, plus $ 110, so will have a $ 25, and I can be used as a $ 135 worth of margin .



The biggest attraction maximum 888 times of high leverage and bonus
Flexible leverage ratio of up to 1-888 times
0 cut system that account balance is zero even if the negative
Force the following margin maintenance rate 20% loss cut (good most high leverage conditions in leverage 888 times × bonus × 0 cut)
None of the night and weekend margin rate change
99.35% of the order is executed at less than 1 second
Rikuoto None at all
No order refused
You ordered online and telephone-based