A life goal is not money

The money is an important factor in life. It does not allow life that there is no money, what you need in life, if there is money to is roughly tend to think into the hand, and the money to friends or marriage partner will not turn off the edge. Just because the goal of life is not a simple form money, that.

To be precise, if the goal of life to money, the goal will become to those very vain.

I’m thinking that many people with “all the money,” but, as represented by the words of the “anything can if there is money“, money is only a tool, rather than objective (goal) (tool). Money is a tool used to something, it does not money itself brings something. If above all also important money is all money, I can not buy something with the money? Because money will run out. So be for the purpose of money that only only a tool, you have means is replaced sliding to the purposeis to the situation.

The first place is the goal of life is not a financial success, it should success of relationships of trust with the family, is a happy satisfaction that can contribute to local communities and society, time free-to-use environment, such things is guided across multiple is. Although there is money unhappy life, and, do you choose which is if a happy life but not money.Nobody do not want unhappy life even just money. Of course I think is ideal happy life if there is money, but there are a lot happy person even if there is no money. Money is not the happiness of absolute requirement. Unhappy rich because you have countless.

Of course, money = evil, happiness money is not absolutely necessary, it does not say that. Money is important. But I secondary of Speaking in importance.

Once money for me is Consider the importance of life what number Kana‘s. By the way I are as follows.

1. happiness (satisfaction, sense of fulfillment)
2. family, such as friends community
3. freedom
4. knowledge, experience
5. money

In fact, lonely life but there is money, the life that has been bound but some, I do not want to send Nante money. Money only tool (tool). Life and enhance, and expand the community, life feel the freedom. It is not only there is money as a tool for fulfill it (tool). You can become a lonely too asked for money, but it is what you want to avoid inconvenience to.