Answer of “how to earn at FX”

Tell me! answer of how to earn at FX” in goo


Q: Question: How much do you earn in any way in the FX?


 A: FX is certainly spread is high, but it to earn in Scalping is possible. In fact I one or more days 50 sen is has taken constant. Company that now you are using is GMO CLICK Securities. Spread 1 sen, fee is free. Server status can be credit than before. Chart is MT4. This is the strongest chart in the world. Please try to look once. Scalping is the main tick chart. It is repulsive aim of resistance wire. Spread I will win if narrow


If you look at this answer is still better spread is narrow is to win in Scalping!

Overseas FX company is often considered the spread is not narrow, but it is not so! There is also a wide place, but is there Even narrow place. Of the is recommended by most narrow is Pepperstone (Pepper Stone). I am out a low spread of 0.6pips at $ circle and Eurodollar.