Axiory of account opening procedures

■ Axiory of account opening procedures

Account opening Axiory can be completed in about 15 minutes from the official HP.



<Open Account Flow>

Confirmation of the various terms
Registration of basic information
The question of the financial situation and investment experience
Application of your trading account
Sending of various certificates

Roughly it looks like this.

■ confirmation of various terms

And agree to check each contract of the PDF file. A little, there is quantity but let’s read firmly.





■ registration of basic information


It registers the various basic information in the Roman alphabet. Since each As can be seen from the image it has been carefully supplemented with Japanese, there is no problem if we have registered in accordance with it.




the question of the financial situation and investment experience

Register for the financial situation and investment experience. For the financial situation is $ notation. There is no $ 1 = problem at 100 yen terms because not very strict.



■ application of your trading account


And the account of the applicant to use in dealings. Account type and leverage, to determine such as account currency.




■ various certificates submitted

Finally, it requires the submission of identification and residence certificate with a photograph. If there is a smartphone and a digital camera and you’re done uploaded from the Web each of the documents for the photo.


document Remarks
Identification Passport · ID · driver’s license

(Those of government-issued with photo)

Residence certificate Public fee specification, bank statements and residents vote

(Those that have been issued within six months)



This completes the account application or more. Then, because you will receive what mails, such as account opening confirmation to the email address you have registered, you can start a transaction if to confirm their payment.

Because Axiory is being very polite supplementary explanation, I think that little thing that troubled in relation to establishment. If because some, such as something if any Japanese corresponding chat and phone support, you can also take advantage of them. It should be noted that the support by Japanese support on weekdays 10:00 to 21:00 has become a.