Axiory Asset management program




■Multi Account Manager(MAM)

Axiory offers several support programs effective in asset management. One of them is the Multi Account Manager (MAM). Is a program that can let the trading orders of account to other traders (MoneyManager). Not leave the capital itself, trading history leave only the order of the order is also high support program of transparency that can be found in customer confidence.

Some are interested in asset management, but people who do not go anyhow well with yourself, it might be a good idea to consider as one of the choices.




■ Multi Trader and Investor program

Multi Trader is an automated trading program that provides the Axiory. Annual yield is a service that employs a strategy that produces more than 20% of the performance. Special trading conditions “Investor Program” will be provided to further investors to operate the $ 100,000 or more of the funds in the Multi Trader. Operation platform, portfolio management, which is a combination of such evaluation integration of performance “Purple Investment Platform” as a stable investment environment will be provided.

In addition, a dedicated desk is installed. Attaching a 24-hour support by Axiory’s portfolio Specialist (English).