Axiory Overview

 ■Axiory Overview


Axiory is a financial services provider that operates the Axiory Global Ltd company. FX trading offers financial services with a focus on (foreign exchange margin trading).

While state-of-the-art skilled in the art that began service in 2013, now to expand the service in countries around the world to sell high commitments force to narrow the spread, it is the art of attention.




<Axiory Global Lt>

location Belize(No. 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize)
Operating license Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)

Registration number (No.IFSC / 60/255 / TS / 16)

Establishment July 31, 2013
employees 50
Business Financial instruments handling, investment advisory and agency business, commodity futures trading industry

Provision of trading system

Trader training and education other

Main Bank Sparkasse bank



It has acquired license


Axiory are licensed from IFSC (Belize International Financial Services Commission) in Belize of the headquarters, we are obliged to follow the operational guidelines rules of IFSC. (No.IFSC / 60/255 / TS / 16)



Safety of customer funds

Customer funds are managed more stringent Axiory in its own management rules than IFSC provisions. Even if bankruptcy is any chance Axiory funds of the customer will be refunded based on the funds return Terms.


<Segregation of customer funds>


Management methods are segregated to separate the account of company funds and customer funds. Management destination is using Singapore’s DBS BANK LTD is a trust conservation destination of Axiory Global Ltd.

Segregation itself is a common management methods, noteworthy is that they are using the audit mechanism is a third party. It will also be uneven sense of security in the same segregated by the audit mechanism to supervise the fund management. The figure below is a detailed management authority of the saved funds.





Audit mechanism PwC



Customer funds of Axiory has been audited by a third-party audit mechanism PwC. Customer funds at the PwC name if there is any chance of that in Axiory body will be compensated. Funds that are conservation is the full amount of funds deposited directly. Open positions and operating profit will not be eligible for compensation.