Axiory Payment withdrawal

Settlement processing of Axiory (deposit, withdrawal)

■ convenient and colorful variety of settlement method

Deposits and withdrawals of Axiory are generally various credit card, bank transfer, variety of methods, such as to provide your own prepaid card in addition to the electronic money is available.



payment method


(※ 1) 200 $ if it is less than (20,000 yen), commission is generated uniform $ 15 (1,500 yen).

(※ 2) it may separate bank charges is applied.

Reflection of the payment is less than 30 minutes after the instant-check and a very speedy response. From being generally well used, in by the card company recently is the payment by Visa or Master Card are also increasingly reject the payment to the FX company company. In that case, it is also recommended payment by electronic money and AXIORY prepaid card typified by NETELLER. Domestic bank remittance, does not take a high overseas remittance fee difference with overseas bank remittance, for it takes a little time compared to other methods is the difficulty.



withdrawal method



(※ 1) 200 $ if it is less than (20,000 yen), commission is generated uniform $ 15 (1,500 yen).

(※ 2) by contract with the credit card company, the time to put on gold is back and forth.

(※ 3) There is a case separately bank charges is applied.

(※ 4) put on gold is back and forth by the bank of the business day.

(※ 5) move to the currency will apply the exchange rate.

(※ 6) separately, might commission of various kinds of electronic money the company takes.

In Axiory in-house procedures are guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours. In other words, the time required during the withdrawal will be the fact that up to 24 hours and the time that is dependent on each of the dispensing destination of the institution.



■ documents to be prepared during the account opening

At the time of account opening, there are a few necessary documents.

document Remarks
Identification Passport · ID · driver’s license

(Those of government-issued with photo)

Residence certificate Public fee specification, bank statements and residents vote

(Those that have been issued within six months)





Convenient AXIORY prepaid card



In Axiory, in partnership with the United Kingdom of card solutions company InterCash, Inc., offers a prepaid card of originality. In the same way as a normal credit card use in the world’s 210 countries, “MasterCard” merchant, a day, 365 days a year for 24 hours at “Cirrus” alliance ATM, it can be pulled out of cash.

In addition, in InterCash company dedicated portal site, it will be at any time possible to query the usage history and balance.

<Benefits of AXIORY prepaid card>

1. Stores and Web, can be used in a wide variety of locations such as ATM

2. In accordance with solemn security Terms of the Master card, it can be a safe payment processing

3. It can be speedy settlement

On using the foreign service, not understood and difficult process, but it is Mawari anxiety a lot of payment processing with, the more likely it is that easy and speedy process to have a AXIORY prepaid card.