Axiory STP ECN account


Fees Standard account and 1lot (100,000 currency) can be traded in the $ 3 fee per spreads narrow nano spread accounts are available in Axiory.

As can be seen from the table above, the difference between commission and spread, method does not change for other basic performance in the only terms or STP or ECN.



<Currency spread, which is always displayed on the official HP>

You can see the asking price of all of the currency pairs in real time Axiory the official HP. Below is the excerpt of Standard account and nano spread account each of the USD / JPY from among them. Left BID (selling price), and the right ASK (bid)

Standard account

Nano spread account

Standard account of the spread is 1.3 sen and the standard, but it should be noted would be part of the spread is 0.3 sen of nano spread account. There sing only the spread of very narrow. One-way $ 3 / point is also nice low-cost fee that 1lot.





NDD (Non Dealing Desk) system


All transactions in Axiory has adopted NDD method. If both sides of the dealing desk as DD system, comes out is a possibility that born speculation intervention conflict of interest of the dealer. In that respect, the profit of the FX trader in the NDD method is purely spread of the difference, or transaction fees will not be a conflict of interest is born it will be revenue. In other words, you are guaranteed to highly transparent fair trading environment.




Standard account (STP) and nano spread account (ECN)

In the standard accounts and nano spread account, and STP scheme and the ECN system each is adopted. The difference between the two is that investors each other in the ECN method is to establish a direct trading brainstormed an order to shed direct orders of investors STP scheme to banks and LP (liquidity provider).

But each exists merits and demerits, the big difference is against the spread is relatively wide, instead of commission in STP does not occur, that the spread in the ECN commission occurs in a narrow place. Not available in plate information and quotes is STP, but you can use the ECN, the first place if no other party to respond to the order, is that the order is not enforced.

Especially in the professional traders and FX professional it prefers account of ECN system, but it is still recommended STP scheme in such a beginner you are not familiar with much trading. You may want to consider whether to use the account in accordance with the respective trading style.







■ LP (liquidity provider)

LP is that of financial institutions to present the selling price bid in the market. It received the price presentation from liquidity providers and three companies Forex market broker of the 10 companies of Axiory, environment that can deal with the most favorable conditions for investors of these will have been appointed.