Differences between Japan overseas

Where do you think the there is a difference outside of the FX company and Japan’s FX company? If you compare the basically Japan and overseas FX company, by the difference of the laws of each country, restrictions on trade, you have different such as tax.

For example, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the United States, have rules stipulated that both built prohibited. In Japan, by leverage regulations has entered, magnification that can be applied to the leverage at the current became the highest in 25 times.

In the past, 100 times, 200 times, and so was able also to trade in high leverage, such as I said, there was a chance to be able to put out a large profit even from small funds. It is a few years ago, but that news housewives has said that earned several hundreds of million yen in FX flows also is still fresh in memory.

However, trading in the high leverage, but is also a high return, so is also a high-risk, by FX trading is overheated, many individual investors have ended up taking out the profit and loss. And because I make a deal that exceeds the self-financing, it can be said that it is a natural result.

From the fact that these things have increased, contains the regulations to leverage of FX trading, leverage up to the same level as futures trading has been reduced. By utilizing the FX company overseas, even from Japan, it is possible to make the transactions that regulation of leverage is not applied.

However, at the time brought the money the self-financing in Japan as was invested in overseas, Japanese law is applied it will not do if you do not pay taxes. This will be a good idea to remember firmly



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