DMM also high leverage Overseas

Overseas subsidiaries of domestic broker high leverage

FX company of Japan has been limited to 25 times leverage by leverage regulations by the Financial Services Agency. Because of this limited the freedom of leverage selection, traders seeking high leverage is now to use all overseas FX company.Overseas is by Swiss franc shock of 2015, the capable high leverage trade much for lousy Japan FX company would receive a huge amount of margin call even at low leverage, by 0 cut system of no reassurance at risk limited FX company and there is a big tendency of nature had parted.


Overseas subsidiaries of domestic broker high leverage

 It is a domestic FX company of such low leverage, but the major FX companies such as GMO and DMM has started to expand as a broker also abroad as well as Japan. Actually offers quite a high leverage in the broker that overseas expansion as if such GMO and DMM dispel anger that is restricted in the country.

For example, DMM FX Australia Inc. has developed in Australia, the leverage options to be provided to the customer, 600 times, 500 times, 400 times, 300 times, 200 times, 100 times, 50 times, 25 times, 10 times, 5 times , twice, I am so from one times can be selected. What 600 times! Is.200 times and 400 times to say that no matter how high leverage in front of Japan that leverage regulations is made was the best.And 600 times is a number that exceeds it much. Domestic FX company also might really the desperate to high leverage. Also as a broker, because if the high leverage available to the amount that will trade customer increases and bang, it also leads to the interests of the company.Leverage regulations broker also traders also the loss, the FSA has been claiming the for the protection of customers, but there are status quo that is not able to protect all from the fact that they’ve put out a large number of margin call traders in Swiss francs shock.Do Will integral with anyone regulations for. It is is also a factor that is increasing traders to use the overseas FX company.