Rapid growth FX company EXNESS



EXNESS is very narrow 0pips also low spreads in ECN account, leverage what also reach to 2000-fold, can deposit from $ 1, the order to react with ultra speed of 0.1 seconds, can deposit withdrawals with no fees, and out kind of money more than 35, MT4, MT5, platforms such as web traders also enhance, corresponding to more than 80 currencies, is very high spec overseas FX companies and more than 120 currency pairs.


EXNESS, which was established in 2008 to increase the number of traders in the soaring, its trading volume: trading volume has multiplicative increase. Initial only 8 trading volume was virions after 88 virion,, 2 years of 10 times in one year 30 times the 240 virions, in 2013 has seen the growth of even 160 times.


Trading volume and new clients of transition of EXNESS can be seen in the history of HP.





Low spreads in ECN account that very narrow also 0pips
Leverage whopping reach to 2000 times
I can deposit from $ 1
Order to react with ultra speed of 0.1 seconds
I can deposit withdrawals with no fee
Type of input and gold more than 35
MT4, MT5, some platforms such as web trader enhance
More than 80 of the corresponding currency
Investment information from the trading Central
More than 120 currency pairs
Free VPS service
Dow Jones News information