How to choose FX company

When choosing overseas FX company, what should I care to what point? To be selected overseas FX company, there are many benefits. Also leverage had entered the regulations in Japan, you can put higher and (high leverage), bonus there is a large benefits and can be granted each time you deposit also otherwise.


However, it is also true that there is a point of anxiety There is only say with overseas FX company. It is very hard to check if not a reliable Companies of whether fraud.Where it is one way, but leave open an account for the time being by some selected overseas FX company. By payment only minimum funds, it is possible to try to a handy trade, whether the order in which it sent is through properly, it would be better to check whether no slippage. Originally overseas FX company I will only be enough trade minimum funds because there are many high leverage operation. Problem is you may be performed continue to be traded there. It is okay Once you have withdrawal unless if like it.

Generally, foreign FX company, the confirmation I can also because time to deposit and withdrawal takes often. Withdrawal is the normal case, because from the withdrawal request will take about one week from five days to the amount of money out, such as in their bank account is reflected, it has not been the next day withdrawal! Let’s wait to not stand commotion with.


Well, here leave to introduce a high-quality overseas FX company is better, which had been established for the time being. Everywhere is excellent FX company with customers all over the world have been deployed globally. In particular, has chosen to focus on, such as “high leverage“, “bonus“, “spread” that is important to Japanese investors. Everywhere just where good reputation to leverage and bonuses.
The biggest attraction maximum 888 times of high leverage and bonus
Flexible leverage ratio of up to 1-888 times
0 cut system that account balance is zero even if the negative
Force the following margin maintenance rate 20% loss cut (good most high leverage conditions in leverage 888 times × bonus × 0 cut)
None of the night and weekend margin rate change
99.35% of the order is executed at less than 1 second
Rikuoto None at all
No order refused
You ordered online and telephone-based


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