Japanese correspondence overseas FX company

Is not it a very full of English What overseas FX?


Will have a lot of people also to think so,.

  How far is whether possible in Japanese
Until the registration and account opening mail and input form



Most of the overseas FX company all Japanese

Contact of account opening completion


Open Account complete signing of Japanese staff, you will receive a confirmation such as completion mail of identification documents. Level of Japanese is no problem, but such terminology translations or wrong.

In the case of payment



Click to choose a payment method from the web site of the Japanese. Because the input screen of the credit card are managed in English, it is not the Japanese. However, a credit card number, expiration date, since only part to put the deposit amount, no discomfort the same credit card payments are used in Japan, it will be ridiculous Nye at 100 times the mistake.
. Lever unit of payment has become a JPY”, ¥ 50,000 After the “50 000″ as the Japanese yen is payment. Notes is a place you do not mistake a currency such as the yen and dollar. Once you have entered the $ 10,000 with the intention of ¥ 10,000, you will be ridiculous Nye at 100 times the mistake.

Trading system

This is because all it is Japanese localization, there is no burden. To trading will somehow Knowing even numbers.



Kind of Japanese support

     The number of Japanese staff
     Japanese-mail support
     Japanese phone support
     Japanese Live chat
     Japanese Skype support