Japanese support and mobile support

Full Japanese support of LANDFX


  •  Japanese staff enrolled
  • Complete Japanese representation of the Web page
  • Japanese-enabled call center
  • And Japanese correspondence of E-mail, live chat

※ (Japanese corresponding time on weekdays 10:00 to 18:00)

In this way is substantial support system, so that it could be used even in Japanese that can not English have been taken. Limited to Japanese corresponding time there is, initially, which was established in 2013 support in Japanese did e-mail only. Because it has been reinforced year after year support system aimed at Japan and think from there, you can fully expect to continue to enhance in the future.




iphone, use the app also corresponds to MT4 to Android



LANDFX of trading platform, has been adopted, which is a world standard MT4 (MetaTrader4). MT4 is a high-performance FX tools that are used all over the world. FX supports over 30 languages, CFDs, on which can be traded in the index, custom and a variety of technical analysis of the account, it has the ability to fulfilling such rapid chart information.

In addition, since only Not iphone, but also Android apps are available PC, if there is a smart phone that can access the WEB, enables dealings anytime, anywhere. At a Glance spread display yet Sumafoapuri, more than 30 kinds of extensive chart function, a very good trade tool that can, such as the use detailed transaction history.



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