LAND-FX license

 LAND-FX license

There is a place that does not correspond to quite withdrawal of customers causing withdrawal trouble in overseas FX company. Especially where the Jewish are involved is is about is said to be up to withdrawal denial manual.There are certain features in the overseas skilled in the art that cause such withdrawal trouble. It is that unregistered skilled in the art that is not registered in the regulatory agencies in each country.Regulatory agency that oversees the like, such financial transactions Financial Services Agency referred to in Japan will have to countries. Required for such a regulatory body is skilled in strict compliance, in some cases it is going to become a situation that can not be illegal because the audit enters. The majority of suppliers that caused the withdrawal trouble was unregistered skilled in the art that is not registered anywhere institutions.



LAND-FX is a member of the FSP (financial services provider) of New Zealand financial services provider registration (FSPR), has been governed by New Zealand‘s financial markets Authority FMA (Financial Market Authority). Not the unregistered trader.


Regulation & Compliance

Registration Number : FSP264385

Land-FX is a member of the FSP (financial services provider) of financial service providers registration of NZ (FSPR).
Land-FX has been governed by financial markets Agency FMA of NZ (Financial Market Authority).


Financial Dispute Resolution

Registration Number : 4734

Land-FX is NZ FSCL (Financial Services Complaints Limited),
Financial institution is a member of the complaints handling company.





 Completed account opening within 5 minutes
Low spread of minimum 0.3pips
There ECN account
Leverage 500 times
0.035 seconds ultra-speed order
Payment withdrawal is reflected within 1 hour
10% of the deposit bonus
Withdrawal Allowed Deposit Bonus is conditionally
Get recovery bonus when it comes to margin calls
Crazy spread to arrival 99 people (ultra-tight spreads) provides
Copy trade that can be the same trade as the excellent trader
Five countries have bases (NZ, Cyprus, the Philippines, Bangladesh, the United States