LAND-FX of the bonus system

LAND-FX of the bonus system


Two types of bonus system

The LAND-FX you will find a full-time two types of bonus system. Deposit Bonus and loss cut cash back when you get when you deposit in the account is the recovery bonus get.


Deposit Bonus


 Deposit Bonus will be applied in the $ 300 or more of the payment at the time of the first payment. Bonus is applicable limit at 10% of the deposit amount is $ 3,000, so it is possible to receive up to $ 300 bonus. I want to note is, LAND-FX of the bonus is that it’s possible withdrawal if they meet the conditions. The conditions are, in the trading of the initial deposit amount × 0.02lot, because some of the example in the figure above are summarized Please refer to. Left the initial deposit amount, the middle is a bonus amount, trading lot number required for the right drawer.

1lot = 10 of thousands feel so difficult to think of the currency, I think that it LAND-FX in easily achievable conditions that can be 500 times the Haireba. After conditions achieved, name up to support (Roman alphabet), registered e-mail address, account number, initial deposit amount, you can receive if I contact the trading lot number.

Point should be noted by others, deposit bonus is that it does not apply to the point and the ECN account to be applied only once to the “first open an account,” “initial deposit”.



Recovery bonus

Recovery bonus is a bonus that will be cash back of 5% of the initial deposit amount at the time of loss cut. $ 300 is applied from the above payment, the balance will be paid a deposit bonus and bonus difference withdrawal not in the case of $ 30 or less.

As with other attention points to the deposit bonus, apply only once, ECN account is exempt, you must have contact to the support is to receive a bonus application of.



30% Deposit Bonus campaign


Normal bonus are two bonus described so far, but it has been holding in LAND-FX current 30% Deposit Bonus campaign.

To receive the bonus opened a dedicated account, $ 300 or more payment, it is complete in only issuing a request to the support within 5 days after the payment. Account itself is the same specs as the normal personal account.

Point should be noted that the bonus is withdrawal disabled, First Deposit Bonus, recovery bonus is applicable, to reflect the bonus, such as is not received application and would start trading in 2-3 days it takes before application after application There are several.

However, those of 30% minus the attention point of bonus is a very big attraction. To the new account opening is if there is no good reason, I think that should be selected the 30% bonus account.




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