LAND-FX trade

LAND-FX MT4 Terminal of introduction and login

To actually start trading, you need to introduce a LAND-FX MT4 Terminal, such as to a computer or smartphone (below MT4). Mail delivered to the account after the opening, or can be downloaded from the download from the HP LAND-FX, and it the installation starts.

Then will open a login screen, such as in the above figure, (select the LAND-FX Live) selection of the transaction server (broker), then the input of the account ID and password, the login is complete.






Trading method in the MT4


In MT4, you can trade operations, such as a variety of customization and buying and selling tailored to the trading style. For customization, this time because there is each of the style I want to touch on the basic buying and selling orders.

Shortcut menu as shown above by right-clicking on the chart of the currency pair that you want to deal opens. Proceeding with the order ordering → new orders from there, to open the screen of the order order.




Enter the trading volume (LAND-FX in 1lot = 10 Man currency) and settlement, is complete by pressing the directly buy and sell if the order Shigeyuki.



 If you select a limit, reverse limit order in the order type, you will like this screen. Limit, reverse limit, buy and sell, and you’re done price, and set a deadline ordering.



 The bottom of the screen of the MT4 for trading positions, you can check by selecting the transaction tab.



■Other order



Others include, there are methods such as orders and plate orders from passing pair. Select the currency pair, to open the order screen and the new orders from the right-click. Plate orders can be opened from the shortcut menu that right-click on the chart and the currency pair. Operation of the second half of the order ordering screen with only the entrance is different does not instead.



■one click trade

 There is a one-click trade to that a little unusual. Shigeyuki is a function that the order and settlement can with one click. Is a useful feature, but get used to is there is a possibility that the unexpected order. So it is safe who had not enable the first among.



About the settlement order


 If you do not specify a settlement limit, reverse limit at the time of ordering is required settlement process. Specify also settlement on the way as had been, or if you want to limit price changes, by right-clicking on the positions held, will open the shortcut menu. Screen as shown above is open If you select a payment order from among them, is Shigeyuki settlement completion by selecting the drifting settlement that is displayed in pale yellow.


 If you want to set or change the limit, stop loss, you can be the order menu change orders to open, such as in the above figure if a change in the order from the shortcut menu.



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