No EA restrictions in pepperstone

The reason for using overseas FX company is often a reason that high leverage“, “bonus”, but you have pretty people in that other also want to run the EA of automated trading programs“. It is automatic sale Total. Metatrader trade system overseas FX company has been adopted will be able to auto-trade and formed a self-made program. Also in the vast past data, high I also popular as a very automated trading tool for the program are also included, such as how much leave a track record of back test function.



MT4 of Japan is difficult to use the EA

But there this Metatrader, some places that have introduced in Japan, but reality has become to the situation that should not be using the EA. For several reasons, but because the suppliers of Japan is too much of a burden on the case and servers that do not handle well the Metatrader, there is a reason from cause trouble, such as the flea act. I not good automatic buying and selling EA glue so environment in Japan anyway was also inconvenience of company in addition to the regulations.






Detailed information of PepperStone

Pepperstone of infomation !

trader in Australia
How low spread No.1FX company that provides a spread 0.1pips
Spread of Australian circle has become very narrow because it is in Australia
Provides rate of interbank direct connection!
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and cooperation, can be credited in the domestic money transfer