Pepperstone new account accepts stop Japanese immigrants, to an existing account also closed with a full 2014.

Pepperstone is announced a new account accepts stop Japanese migrants,

Existing Japanese migrants account also I have decided to stop the transaction until December 31, 2014.

This is due to the consultation of the ASIC and the Financial Services Agency, probably will be the same kind of particulars and Axitrader.

Prima facie December 31 also account later is that you can at any time can also withdrawal maintained but, Axitrader prematurely because of the wasteful expense Peppperstone also maintains an account so that has been prodding the suddenly withdrawal within one month it will come so as to prompt you for a withdrawal.

Pepperstone itself has a description that take the approval of the first Type I Financial Instruments Business of Japan, but will not even get realistic from the fact that Ironfx you made when you get to one year ago is tangled. It once stood for more than one year FX market upheaval, investors do not make much sense because forget things Pepperstone.

 Furthermore Pepperstone is is large due to the fact that it was possible to use the high leverage, such as leveraged 400 times since it was outside of the regulations of the Financial Services Agency was the popular. Since taking the approval can not be naturally high leverage if accustomed to also be registered in Japan will no longer have advantages.




The past few months, is carried out consultation closely with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in Pepperstone (ASIC), it has promoted a discussion about our provisions, particularly relating to service provision to living in Japan customers.

Currently, the determination of the order in Pepperstone, it did not get the authorization as a Type Financial Instruments Business in Japan, until to get the approval, is not appropriate to carry out the service provided to living in Japan customers I was led to.


 In response to the above decision, today October 2, 2014 (Thursday) and later, it was no longer able to accept your new account opening from living in Japan customers. Also, in regard to existing customers, but it is possible that I am continuing dealings until December 31, 2014 (water), and carried out the management of the holding position for the whole position settlement account closure of December 31 We will as you please.

In addition, this decision, Japan resident guests only will be subject.



Date Event
October 2, 2014
stop new accounts opened from Japan resident customers

Regard existing customers, you can dealings until the server time of December 31, 2014 01:00 (Japan time 8:00 AM).

December 31, 2014 All holdings positions, the server time of December 31, 2014 01:00 (Japan time 8:00 AM), becomes a forced settlement in the market price at that time, trading function of your trading account will be invalid. Account balance, so you remain in the account, you can leave your withdrawal at the timing of your request