RAZOR narrow spread


The Pepperstone there is a thing called common Standart account and RAZOR account.


Ordinary Standart account is low level of spreads in fees, but still share of broker has been added.


RAZOR account without its share, I can directly trade the price of the interbank market. But because there is no share of the broker‘s it, you have a profit by taking a separate fee. RAZOR account fee is 7AUD. It becomes about 600-700 yen in Japanese yen. 100 000 This is the commission of a currency unit.



Standart In account and RAZOR account will be decisive of whether take or commission take a spread. Honestly, there is no place for both total cost. But most of the people who run the scalping and scalping EA from such stable commitments and rate delivery seems choose the RAZOR account. Realize is each person, but honestly spreads narrow minute, I feel better here is likely to issue a clear and profit.




Detailed information of PepperStone

Pepperstone of infomation !

trader in Australia
How low spread No.1FX company that provides a spread 0.1pips
Spread of Australian circle has become very narrow because it is in Australia
Provides rate of interbank direct connection!
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and cooperation, can be credited in the domestic money transfer