The prizes of the contest?

There is no familiar in Japan of FX company, but I am going to frequent the contest by trading in the FX company overseas.


This contest is a very luxurious, for those who were top finishers will have become that get very good prizes.


For example IronFX (Iron FX) Get the super car at the 1-position of the contest in! Is doing



We do not know details of the super car, but 3000-40000000 yen is equivalent to that’s the car of Ferrari and Lamborghini class!


Or the fact that the $ 150,000 in cash, and will also be the 15 million yen in Japanese Yen.


Since the contest can almost be an entry in the demo account, we are able to challenge the risk of a loss at zero.



Because it is a demo account, are so many people that the large transactions over the fullest high leverage without worrying about the risk, the rate of return of a person’s previous first place had become a 1100%.



Information of IronFX (Iron FX)

You can use the chat and Skype in the best overseas FX company is Japanese support Japanese
It is possible to all only in Japanese Recommended for overseas FX beginners!
UBS in the EU registration of skill in the art, is perfect safety for the assets managed by BNP Baripa
Dispensing fee is no cost to the deposit for free
Leverage also 500 times
0 cut system without reassurance
Spread of dollar circle is the most narrow 0.4pips
Deposit Bonus 50-100%
There rebate cash back