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In Japan of FX company there is a place you are still drunk customer orders. Is said to flea act, it is the act of orders received from customers who have opened an FX account by the processing in-house without flowing to the interbank it or put hump orders between customers and bring the only fee .In this way no longer need to pick up the order in the interbank, is not spread worth the fee to enter the bosom of plump FX company. The customer was slippage, it is good if said there. Since such thing of moment to is it is difficult to customer to confirm, be slippage even when recording would have agreed to when Anta also open an account! It is not insist with.


But ThinkForex is a non-dealing desk broker, orders received from customers without going through the markup and dealers, will flow directly to the market. Also Rikuoto of order does not occur at all. Without going through the trading desk regardless market volatility, order is committed to the market.Therefore we are able to have a high transaction transparency. This abundance of Liquidity is also directly linked to the contract capacity, and boasts a spec that you are able to convince even the people of the senior trader. Thinkforex also takes advantage of corporate institutional investors of large not only individuals It is recognized that high transparency transaction. Since the dealing desk arranged have adopted the commitments how flow all orders directly to the market, such as commitments denial or delay does not occur at all.