Traders Trust Japanese support and mobile tool

Full Japanese support

Since Traders Trust is focused on services for the Japanese, it can also be used with confidence in the person who can not speak English.

Official Web site Corresponding to Japanese notation (with English in some documents)
platform(MT4) Full Japanese support
support Live chat, telephone · E-mail (Japanese correspondence)
Japanese staff Enrollment
Japanese corresponding time Summar hours: Weekdays 15:00 to 23:00
Winter hours: Weekdays 16: 00-24: 00
Tell +357 25 20 7000

Limited to Japanese corresponding time is there, but, because the Japanese staff if it is within the corresponding time is enrolled, what support can also be received by the Japanese. You can also expect to continue to enhance in the future due to the recent one after another strengthening the service of Traders Trust in for the Japanese.




Seminar · Web seminar

Support to be received by the Japanese are not the only help support by telephone and chat. Seminars and Web seminars, etc. for the Japanese people we are.


The official Web site, a description of the terms from the foundation of the transaction using the Flash, lessons of application, etc. have been provided, is an audio and video by of course all Japanese. There is no so much encouraging support for those that start from now on the FX. In addition, a very useful service for those online webinar services, etc. that can be registered for free, which is already the trading experience.



iphone, IPAD, the MT4 that is also appli compatible to Android use


Traders Trust of trading platform, has been adopted, which is a world standard MT4 (MetaTrader4). MT4 is a high-performance FX tools that are used all over the world. FX supports over 30 languages, CFDs, on which can be traded in the index, custom and a variety of technical analysis of the account, it has the ability to fulfilling such rapid chart information.

In addition, since only Not iphone, IPAD, but also Android apps are available PC, if there is a smart phone that can access the WEB, enables dealings anytime, anywhere. At a Glance spread display yet Sumafoapuri, more than 30 kinds of extensive chart function, a very good trade tool that can, such as the use detailed transaction history.



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