Traders Trust Trade method

  ■Traders Trust adopted the MT4 (MetaTrader4) to trading platform

Has been adopted in Traders Trust MT4 (MetaTrader4) is a high-performance FX tool that is used all over the world. FX supports over 30 languages, CFDs, on which can be traded in the index, custom and a variety of technical analysis of the account, it has the ability to fulfilling such rapid chart information.



Introduction and login Traders Trust MT4

To the start of the transaction is in fact, there is a need to introduce a Traders Trust MT4 such as a personal computer or smartphone (below MT4). Mail delivered to the account after the opening, or can be downloaded from the account page where you can log in from the HP Traders Trust, and it the installation starts.



Then open such a login screen, (Select Traders Trust -Live) selection of the transaction server (broker), the input of the account ID and password, the login is complete.




■MT4 trade



The figure above is the basic main screen of MT4. It is freely customizable, but is basically a chart of this as the currency pair becomes the main. Since the myriad of combinations to suit your trading style for customization is considered, this will continue to introduce the basic buying and selling orders.




The easiest buying and selling method, the text box, such as the above to direct right-click on the chart of the currency pair you want to trade will be displayed. Order placement from the, let’s proceed with the new order.




This opens such a order ordering screen. Trading volume (in Traders Trust 1lot = 1 Man currency) and order type, if you want to set a limit performs like its setting, in the case of formation flights can be ordered by selecting the buying-selling.




The bottom of the screen of the MT4 for trading positions, this way you can check by selecting the transaction tab.



■other order method



Also in addition to calling the order screen from the chart, methods such as orders and plate orders from the currency pair list is also available. In the same way as the chart, select the pair you want to trade from the currency pairs list to open the order screen by clicking on a new order from the right-click. Plate orders can be opened from a text box in the right-click. Approach is just different, other operations once you open up to the order screen is the same.




■One click trade

The MT4 has a feature called one-click trade. Shigeyuki there is a useful function make the order and settlement with one click, but caution is necessary functionality to get used to. Order confirmation screen or the like does not come out, do not could lead to that result in an unexpected order with a single click. You get a variety of operation you are doing and “Do you want to enable?” Often pop-up, but it is better not to effective while not familiar.




About the settlement order


If you do not specify a settlement limit, reverse limit at the time of ordering is required settlement process. Specify also settlement on the way as had been, or if you want to limit price changes, by right-clicking on the positions held, will open the shortcut menu. Screen as shown above is open If you select a payment order from among them, is Shigeyuki settlement completion by selecting the drifting settlement that is displayed in pale yellow.

If you want to change, such as cancellation of the limit-stop loss of settings and both denominated in, you can change the order by selecting from the order type.



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