XM corresponding to remittances from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

The payment of overseas FX company is what alternative do with a credit card.

Payment of this XM also credit card has become to the original.

But Japanese then you also anxiety in foreign exchange with a credit card, is the reality that I do not want to do too much from the risk of misuse and information flow.






Such quite bank transfer by it I was hard to use, but will change this story if domestic banks.

XM is possible transfer payment to the domestic banks.

From Japan Bank of investors of Japan, it‘s because I send money to Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, you need only an ordinary fee.

Remittance Japanese Yen only. Account other than the yen, is forced to exchange it if it was for example, $ account.


Is now possible to deposit more than ever.

Log in to the member page, it is firmly if you choose new domestic transfer options.

In addition, all of withdrawal can be exchanged with confidence because they are processed in a safe bank wire transfer.

If you had to foot the credit card payment and, in the first place those who did not have a credit card this is the chance.




XM is leveraged 888 times (bonus good)!

The biggest attraction maximum 888 times of high leverage and bonus
Flexible leverage ratio of up to 1-888 times
0 cut system that account balance is zero even if the negative
Force the following margin maintenance rate 20% loss cut (good most high leverage conditions in leverage 888 times × bonus × 0 cut)
None of the night and weekend margin rate change
99.35% of the order is executed at less than 1 second
Rikuoto None at all
No order refused
You ordered online and telephone-based


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