XM makes Usain Bolt the official ambassador!


The fastest and fastest growing FX and CFD commodity broker right now XM has 9 Olympic gold medals and 11 fastest World Athletics Championships gold medal winning records with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt Partnership concluded. Bolt, widely familiar with the nickname of “lightning bolt” which has the meaning of lightning, has signed a contract for XM’s official brand ambassador for the next three years. With fast bolt players like lightning! XM growing with the speed of dropping flying birds! Both are “fast” and the two in common are partners! Bolt players are also talking as follows!



It is an honor to be able to connect with XM and partnership. XM and I have a common philosophy of doing the same as brand value, best. XM has established itself as an industry leader with its reputation. “As with XM, my goal is always to be the fastest.”

Usain St Leo Bolt – 9 Olympic gold medals, 11 world track and field championship gold medals
Usin · St · Leo · Bolt, the world’s best genius athlete, won a gold medal in all three consecutive tournaments at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and is called “triple · triple” We established a record that remains in history. Bolt players have won nine gold medals in the Olympic Games and 11 victories in the World Athletics Championships.
The record of 9 seconds 58 that I started out at the World Athletics Championship in Berlin in 2009 was unprecedented and still to anyone! Even Bolt himself is not haunted!


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