XM VPS Service

It offers VPS service that allows you to rent a server in XM.

In one service item rental server and VPS, services that provide virtually dedicated server function equivalent with the shared server. Stands for Virtual Private Server. Is a little confusing, but it is what lend the server space of a personal computer. It is used as necessary to automated trading as applications.


It allows you to auto-trade is run in partnership the EA of automated trading in such MT4. However, to “keep runningthis EA and we must continue to operate the computer that contains the Mt4. Since the course of between MT4 is running leave, other work CPU load is applied to Sizzla stone, nor can it power down the PC itself. Such people will think, PC that can be used another one freely want! And. The us grant it is the VPS service.To create a shared space of server at a very good net environment, it is of the space available freely for 24 hours as of their own personal computer. Therefore, it does not matter to you to leave to run the program. VPS service to the automated trading in MT4 I optimal.


That is VPS service, but there are terms and conditions. Minimum amount (effective Margin – Credit) is US $ 5,000 or more, or, in the case of another currency is maintaining its equivalent amount, the customer that there is a minimum of five round turn lot more transactions in one month, for free from the members area you can request a VPS.

1. Your account balance (effective Margin – Credit) that there USD5,000 or equal to or more than the amount
2. A minimum of five round turn lot in trading account within last 30 days (in the case of standard account) or
500 round turn micro lot that it is the dealings of (in the case of a micro account)

Also, it is reviewed if they meet the above conditions the first day of each month, if not satisfied, the
Normal monthly USD28 or equivalent amount, will be deducted from your trading account.
If there are not enough funds to cover the same amount of money to balance, VPS service will be cancellation.


XM is leveraged 888 times (bonus good)!

The biggest attraction maximum 888 times of high leverage and bonus
Flexible leverage ratio of up to 1-888 times
0 cut system that account balance is zero even if the negative
Force the following margin maintenance rate 20% loss cut (good most high leverage conditions in leverage 888 times × bonus × 0 cut)
None of the night and weekend margin rate change
99.35% of the order is executed at less than 1 second
Rikuoto None at all
No order refused
You ordered online and telephone-based


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